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COVID-19 protocol

Welcome to the Sirius Hotel in Taormina

We are going through very unusual times, and for this, we thank you for visiting our website.

The health and well-being of our staff and guests are paramount.

We would therefore like to tell you about the measures we are taking every day to ensure you enjoy maximum health safety during your stay.

  • All staff will wear certified masks and will comply with all the requirements of the new health regulations.
  • Sanitising gel dispensers are located in the common areas to allow you to frequently disinfect and wash your hands.
  • The entrances of the hotel are monitored with a thermo-scanner
  • Our rooms and furnishings are continuously sanitised with products authorised and certified by the Italian National Institute of Health.
  • Our common areas, swimming pool, terraces, and breakfast room are organised to guarantee the privacy and health safety of our guests.

  • The restaurant and the bar are also always available for room service with traditional menu options.
  • In the dining room after each service, the chairs and the tables are stripped and sanitised to prepare them with new covers and tablecloth.
  • After each service provided for the guests, everything that has come into contact with hands is continuously sanitised.
  • The menus are digital with a QR code that can be used by any device, and the paper ones will be disposable. If laminated menus are used, they will be sanitised after each use.
  • After the guest's departure, each room, in addition to the normal cleaning, is sanitised with certified and appropriate products.